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Peony Divisions

Peonies prefer FULL SUN, and do not respond well to disturbance or deep planting; please note most peonies will not bloom the spring after planting.  Many take another winter to set flower buds, since they use their first year to establish roots and shoots.

Please read and plant according to our included Peony Planting Instructions.

We will begin shipping Peonies Monday, September 19th.   There is no free shipping for peonies.  The roots are big,  heavy and vary in weight and size.

Due to the specific peony ship dates, all Peony orders must be placed separately from our perennial starters orders, and will be shipped separately as well.  Your peonies will arrive at exactly the right time to plant for the best possible results!

We offer healthy and well-formed 3-5 eye bare-root divisions packed in moist peat moss, coconut fiber (coir), or sawdust.  They will be shipped separately from our hosta or perennial orders (which ship immediately) since Peonies will ship in September.

Most 3-5 eye divisions will weigh about 7oz each and shipping will be calculated by weight and visible in your shopping cart.

Peonies are Growing Zone 3-7 ONLY!

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